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《葡漢辭典》音系及相關問題研究 = On the phonology of Dicionário Português-Chinês and relevant issues / check Full Text
宋晨飛 徐宇航 2022. Master
《私框》對澳門小學教學人員專業發展規劃影響之研究 / check Full Text
朱兆曦 黃炳文 2017. Master
16-20 世紀澳門土生族群的身份認同與教育 = Ethnic identity and education of the Macanese from 16-20 century / check Full Text
梁舜欣 郭曉明 2020. Master
17世紀漳州方言文獻中的多功能詞"共" "合" "同"及其演變 = Multifunctional words Gong, He, Tong in 17th century Zhangzhou dialectal records and their diachronic changes / check Full Text
洪秋蘋 徐宇航 2022. Master
18週課外運動促進對澳門初中生體適能、運動行為、運動自我效能和運動結果期待的影響 /
俞辰 孔兆偉 2009. Master
19世紀至20世紀初南北官話的規範音問題 : 基於西人文獻中的新證據 / check Full Text
艾溢芳 侍建國 2017. Doctoral
1D CNNs for chart pattern matching in financial time series / check Full Text
Liu, Li Ying Si, Yain Whar 2019. Master
2-甲氧基-6-乙醯基-7-甲基胡桃醌對H2O2誘導的PC12細胞損傷的保護作用研究 /
張煥 張慶文 2008. Master
2-methoxy-6-acetyl-7-methyljuglone (MAM), a natural product, killscancer cells by targeting NQO1 / check Full Text
Yu, Jie 陳修平 2020. Doctoral
20(S)-protopanaxadiol saponins extracted from Panax notoginseng alleviate experimental murine colitis by caveolin-1/Nrf2 pathway /
Lu, Peng De Zhao, Yonghua 2022. Master

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