UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Chan, Hoi Si 黃素君 2010. Master
"粵港澳大灣區" 中澳門的發展機遇 : 基於城市發展評價指標的分析 = Macau's development opportunities in the Great Bay Area based on an analysis of city development assessment indices check Full Text
劉正瑋 Lei, Chun Kwok 2019. Master
"在NP+V" 與 "V+在NP" 變換條件背後的多變量競爭機制 = Multivariable competition mechanism underlie “Zai NP+V" and "V+ Zai NP" transformation conditions check Full Text
岳圓 陳忠 2022. Master
"中論" 法象說 = On Chung Lun's Fa Hsiang check Full Text
林澤春 鄧國光 2016. Master
"自然" 而然 : 論顧城的詩歌精神 = All come from nature : the spirit of Gu Cheng's poetry check Full Text
王晶 朱壽桐 2015. Master
"自上而下" 的行政監督制度 : 兼論當代中國行政監督制度改革的主要方向
陳進展 蔡幸強 2005. Master
"A不到哪里去"結構的語義和句法分析 = A semantic and syntactic analysis of "A-budao nali qu" construction check Full Text
朱月婷 劉鴻勇 2023. Master
"Advertorials" : a genre-based analysis of an emerging hybridized genre
Zhou, Si Jing Moody, Andrew Jackson 2007. Master
"Anhui Su Hua Bao" and Chen Duxiu's enlightenment thought
Tong, Sheng 湯開建 2015. Master
"Balance of threat" theory and strategic options : Southeast Asian countries' perceptions and response to the U.S. and China check Full Text
Zhu, Yi Fei Song Weiqing 2012. Master

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