UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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"文心雕龍. 風骨" 風詩思想研究 :以孔子詩教思想為核心 = A study on Feng poems thought in "Wind" and "Bone" of The Literary Mind and the Carving of Dragons : with Kong Zi's poetic teaching thought as the core check Full Text
王獻玥 鄧國光, 1955- 2017 Master
"西蜀方言" 的親屬稱謂語研究 =A Study on the Kinship terms in Western Mandarin check Full Text
方雅琴 王銘宇 2018 Master
"現代漢語詞典" (第6版) 量詞的收條與釋義 =Study of the entries and the definitions of quantifiers in Modern Chinese Dictionary (6th edition) check Full Text
劉午嬌 王銘宇 2015 Master
"現代漢語詞典" (第6版) 三字詞與三字語研究 = A Study on the three-character words and three-character phrases in Modern Chinese Dictionary (the 6th Edition) / check Full Text
胡偉中 王銘宇 2015. Master
"現代漢語詞典" 與 "新編國語日報辭典" 收條及釋義的對比研究 : 以顏色詞為例 = A comparative study on world-collection and interpretation between Modern Chinese Dictionary and New Version Mandarin Daily Dictionary : a case study of color words / check Full Text
劉曉楠 王銘宇 2015. Master
"新序"文體研究 = A study of literary style of Xin Xu check Full Text
羅璇 鄧駿捷 2011 Master
"醒世姻緣傳"稱謂語研究 = The research on the appellation of "Xingshi Yinyuan Zhuan" check Full Text
Wang, Meng 張聯榮 2006 Master
"一次" 在動詞性結構前的表義功能及影響因素 check Full Text
李家豪 徐傑 2011 Master
"一帶一路" 和大數據背景下的標準中文立法和翻譯規範的建立 = The legislation in standard Chinese and establishment of translation norms under the background of "The Belt and Road" and big data / check Full Text
吳嘉玲 魏丹 2020. Master
"一帶一路" 戰略下我國發展伊斯蘭金融的考量 / check Full Text
哈瑞琦 陳建新 2020. Master

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