UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Urban income inequality and FDI : results from provincial panel in China
Ruan, Da Chao Chen, Yu 2010. Master
The study of diversification strategy : drives and conditions of its implementation in China pharmaceutical corporations check Full Text
Liang, Chen 卞鷹 2010. Master
中國制藥企業的產品組合研究 check Full Text
馮雪敏 胡豪 2010. Master
我國醫藥產業質量管理研究 check Full Text
涂奇軍 卞鷹 2010. Master
中國上市醫藥企業財務風險的實證研究和控制措施 check Full Text
梁謀 卞鷹 2010. Master
白花前胡甲素和白花前胡丙素的體外吸收及肝代謝研究 check Full Text
景王慧, 王一濤 2010. Master
曾瑪莉 梁成安 2010. Master
薛雪梅 田野 2010. Master
王安憶與張愛玲的小說藝術比較研究 = A comparative study on the novelistic aethetics of Wang Anyi and Eileen Chang
別業青 龔剛 2010. Master
Cross-listed shares in Hong Kong and Mainland China stock markets : time series evidence
Hong, Fang Zheng, Ming Li 2010. Master

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