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Collaborative semantic editing of heterogeneous hierarchical concepts

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In e-business, establishing business interoperability especial semantic interoperability to product information exchange has to consider the ad hoc nature of participating firms from heterogeneous domains. Due to personalized design with individual semantic context, heterogeneous concepts from fragmented e-marketplaces are hard to integrate to interoperable vocabularies with semantic consistency. By the analysis, the features of existing integration approaches and editing technologies are investigated and the problems of semantic consistency maintenance have been summarized. Driven by the motivation of utilizing and improving existing collaboration approach, the research has proposed a novel Collaborative Semantic Editing Platform (CSEP) to provide a solution to semantically integrate the heterogeneous product information into interoperable classified vocabularies. By contributing a novel CSEP approach, a two-layer framework including common editing systems and a global editing system is designed to provide collaborative editing of common concepts across heterogeneous domains and maintain semantic consistency. A collaborative concept mapping strategy is adopted to accurate and intelligent semantic translation. The key factors of feasibility of semantic consistency include five strategies: IID, XPM, bilingual editing, history buffer and arbitrator. To solve the concurrency issue, a semantic conflict detection mechanism running on the global editing system is designed to coordinate the collaboration of common editing systems. The feasibility and features of the CSEP approach have been demonstrated in a prototype implementation that provides the services of collaborative bilingual vocabulary compiling with semantic consensus and authorized concept arbitration from multiple heterogeneous concept domains. The implementation details and its evaluation are also included in the thesis in order to make the research more comprehensive.

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Lam, Iok Ham


Faculty of Science and Technology


Department of Computer and Information Science




Electronic commerce

Internetworking (Telecommunication)

Electronic commerce -- Computer programs


Guo, Jing Zhi

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