UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Effects of a signing intervention on language and social development : a case study conducted in Macao
Lo, Ka Pou Wilhelm, Kim Hughes 2010. Master
The optimum outrigger locations in outrigger-braced structures with new governing equations and complex objectives check Full Text
Wang, Xing Hua Er, Guo Kang 2010. Master
Impact of preschool language abilities and literacy activities inside school on later reading achievement : evidence from PIRLS with Hong Kong sample
Li, Xiao Min Lin, Sieh Hwa 2010. Master
論贈與合同的任意撤銷權 : 以我國現行《合同法》為視角 = Discussion on the revocation right at will of donation contract : from the angle of present Contract Law
王婉萍 唐曉晴 2010. Master
中國內地有限責任公司股東的退股與除名研究 = A study on shareholder's withdrawal and expulsion of the Chinese limited liability company
劉俐 范劍虹 2010. Master
試論浮動抵押與其他擔保權利的受償順序 = The priority of floating charge and other types of security interest
何夢菲 唐曉晴 2010. Master
淺析中國金融控股公司的風險控制 = Research on risk control of China's financial holding companies
宋晨 范劍虹 2010. Master
郭少萍 趙國強 2010. Master
共同被告供述之證據適格及證明力 = The evidentiary qualification and credibility of statement by the co-defendant
Hoi, Song U. 趙國強 2010. Master
A study of non-equivalent culture-loaded words in two English translations of Fu Sheng Liu Ji
Xiao, Di Wang, Xian 2010. Master

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