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Abstract Lu Jia is one of the most important Politicians in the early Han Dynasty and Xinyu is his only works remained in the world. This book has value in the literature, history, education and politics, with the content of Lu Jia's solutions of problems in the early Han Dynasty, as well as his own personal philosophy. Based on the past studies about Lu Jia and Xinyu, the thesis aims to make a comprehensive research into this topic, which consists of five parts: Part 1 is introduction, which introduces the motive of the thesis, induces achievements and problems in the past studies, and proposes the research. Part 2 introduces the basic information of Xinyu as the preparation of discussion on Lu Jia's educational thought, including the introduction the life of Lu Jia, giving the judgment of school of Xinyu's thought, and the history of arguments on the authenticity about Xinyu, which concludes the evidences of the two counterparts, supports the authentic book's idea and develops and details the evidences of it. Part 3 introduces the educational thought of Xinyu from four dimensions, which includes the attention to the role of social enlightenment, attention to books and teacher's role in education, the integrity of Lu Jia's educational thought , and also the significance of his thought. Part 4 is the conclusion. Keywords: Lu Jia, Xinyu, educational thought, school of thought, personal philosophy.

Chinese Abstract

內容摘要 陸賈為漢初極為重要的人物,而《新語》是他迄今唯一存世著作,完整地記錄了他對於漢初政治的見解以及其個人的人生哲學,具有思想、文學、歷史學以及教育學方面的價值。 本文在總結和論述了前人的研究成果的基礎上,對陸賈及《新語》中的教育思想作出了較為深入的探討。論文分為五個部分: 第一部分為緒論,介紹本文研究動機,總結前人研究成果及存在問題 ,提出研究方向。 第二部分,作為討論《新語》教育思想必做的準備工作,本部分介紹《新語》的一些基本情況,包括陸賈生平,《新語》思想淵源辨析,《新語》真偽之爭始末。 第三部分,從四個方面介紹《新語》中的教育思想,包括重視教化對於社會的作用、重視典籍及教師在教育中的作用、陸賈教育思想的整體性、陸賈教育思想的意義。 第四部分,總結全文,作出結論。 關鍵字:陸賈,《新語》,教育思想,思想流派,人生態度。

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Lu, Chia, -- approximately 216-approximately 172 B.C. -- Views on education

陸賈, -- 約公元前 216-約公元前 172 -- 對教育的看法

Lu, Chia, -- approximately 216-approximately 172 B.C. -- Hsin yu

陸賈, -- 約公元前 216-約公元前 172. -- 新語

Education -- Philosophy

教育 -- 哲學; 原理



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