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English Abstract

Objective: The aims of this study were to investigate the characteristics of aerobic and anaerobic capacities in Macau athletes with different sports and to examine the associations among ratings of perceived exertion (RPE), heart rate (HR) and blood lactate levels (Bla) during incremental cycling exercise. Methods: 71 male athletes aged from 16 to 34 years old from Macau Team and Macau Youth Team, which included 6 different sports such as long-distance running, handball, basketball, football, dragon boat and sprint, were recruited for this study. Incremental cycling exercise and 30 seconds Wingate anaerobic test were adopted to evaluate aerobic and anaerobic capacities. The relationships among RPE, heart rate and blood lactate levels were discussed according to the data recorded during the incremental cycling exercise. Results: Long-distance runners had the best aerobic capacity, dragon boat athletes had better aerobic capacity than basketball, football and handball athletes, the sprinters had the worst aerobic capacity. Sprinters and football athletes had better anaerobic capacity than basketball and handball athletes, dragon boat athletes and long-distance runners had the worst anaerobic capacity. RPE and HR (r = 0.828, p<0.01), RPE and Bla (r = 0.742, p<0.01), Bla and HR (r = 0.826, p<0.01) were significantly related to each other during the continuous incremental cycling exercise. Heart rate can be regressed by age, trained years and RPE, and blood lactate level can be regressed by age, trained years, HR and RPE during exercise. Conclusion: There are Sports differences in aerobic and anaerobic capacities in Macau athletes. RPE, HR and Bla are closely related with each other during incremental cycling exercise and RPE, age and HR can predict blood lactate level well.

Chinese Abstract

研究目的:本研究旨在瞭解澳門運動員的有氧耐力和無氧耐力特點,同時探討運 動中 RPE 等級值、心率和血乳酸之間的關係。 研究方法:研究對象為澳門代表隊或澳門青年隊的男性運動員,年齡在 16-34 歲 之間,共有長跑、手球、籃球、足球、龍舟和短跑 6 個項目 71 名運動員。分別 用功率自行車逐級遞增負荷實驗和 30s Wingate 無氧功率實驗測定澳門運動員的 有氧耐力和無氧耐力。根據功率自行車逐級遞增負荷實驗過程中記錄的 RPE、心 率和血乳酸值分析三者之間的關係。 研究結果:1.澳門運動員的有氧耐力和無氧耐力均存在不同的項目特點,長跑組 的有氧耐力最好,龍舟組次之,籃球、手球和足球組一般,短跑組最差;短跑和 足球的無氧耐力水準最高,籃球和手球次之,龍舟和長跑最差。2.各級負荷強度 的 RPE 與 HR、RPE 與 Bla 以及 Bla 與 HR 之間均存在顯著的相關關係,相關係 數分別為 0.828、0.742、0.826(P < 0.01)。3.在運動訓練中可用年齡、訓練年限 和 RPE 來推測運動員的運動心率;也可用年齡、訓練年限、RPE 和 HR 來推測 運動中的血乳酸。 結論:澳門運動員的有氧耐力和無氧耐力存在著不同的項目特點,功率車遞增負 荷運動中的 RPE、心率及血乳酸之間存在顯著的相關關係,PRE 值可有效地反 映運動強度、心血管機能和血乳酸代謝,運動實踐中可用 RPE、年齡和心率來推 測血乳酸濃度。

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Athletes -- Training of -- Macau

運動員 -- 職業培訓 -- 澳門

Physical education and training -- Macau

體育教育及訓練 -- 澳門

Endurance sports -- Physiological aspects

耐力體育 -- 生理方面

Sports -- Physiological aspects

體育 -- 生理方面

Exercise -- Physiological aspects

體育鍛鍊 -- 生理方面



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