UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Legal issues arising from remuneration of real estate brokers in Macau check Full Text
Ho, Chong In Mo Shijian 2016. Master
A case study on the images of females in the reality show Now Here Girls : did it empowered or stereotyped females? check Full Text
Wu, You Yi 林玉鳳 2016. Master
澳門破產法律制度的檢討與完善 : 歷史與功能比較的視角 = The review and improvement of Macau bankruptcy law : a historical and functional comparative study check Full Text
馬哲 唐曉晴 2016. Master
冒險教育與澳門中學生個人及社會責任發展行動研究 : 以繩索運動為例 check Full Text
張子軒 闕月清 2016. Master
The coordination of pharmaceutical patent and public health from the view of TRIPS check Full Text
Chen, Zhang Chu Chu Hsiao, I-Hsuan 2016. Master
Informal social control in Macau : a discussion of the relationship between geographical features and social bonds check Full Text
Ao Ieong, Sio Iong Zhao, Ruo Hui 2016. Master
Seasonality of drunk driving in Macau check Full Text
Wai, David Cai, Tian Ji 2016. Master
The impact of peer association on drug use among adolescents in Macao check Full Text
Wang, Jun Jie Li, De 2016. Master
醫療事故責任歸責原則研究 = Research on the principles of malpractice and medical liability check Full Text
杜宏基 唐曉晴 2016. Master
夫妻共有房產無權處分問題研究 = Research on unauthorized dispose the matrimonial joint housing check Full Text
張婧堯 稅兵 2016. Master

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