UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Exclusive or extraterritorial? : jurisdiction in cross-border patent infringement, a Chinese perspective
Fei, Song Ran 涂廣建 2010. Master
Wage differential, education expenditure, productivity and international trade in US
Liao, Hai Yan Chang, Hsiao-Chuan 2010. Master
公司經理權 : 性質及授權規則
王華崇 范劍虹 2010. Master
Numerical methods for early-exercise option pricing via Fourier analysis check Full Text
Huang, Ning Ying Ding, Deng 2010. Master
仙居吳語親屬稱謂研究 = A study on the kinship system of the Xianju Wu dialect
婁敏燕 徐杰 2010. Master
Is 'fast food mania' developed in Macua?: an exploration of the burgeoning fast food consumption patterns in an emerging market
Lo, Chong Fai Sy-Changco, Joseph Adea 2010. Master
Fast exponential time integration scheme and extrapolation method for pricing option with jump diffusions
Liu, Xin Sun, Hai Wei 2010. Master
Globalizing Macao : news frame and English language press in Macao
Lam, Leong Iok, Anni 吳玫 2010. Master
Collaborative semantic editing of heterogeneous hierarchical concepts check Full Text
Lam, Iok Ham Guo, Jing Zhi 2010. Master
羅凱華 施議對 2010. Master

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