UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Sub-nano-watt subthreshold-biased source-follower-based LPF for biopotential signal acquisition systems
Zhang, Tan Tan Vai, Mang I 2010. Master
澳門大學生壓力、遵循父母期望與心理適應之關係 : 以澳門大學為例 check Full Text
朱婉璧 王麗斐 2010. Master
中國內地有限責任公司股東的退股與除名研究 = A study on shareholder's withdrawal and expulsion of the Chinese limited liability company
劉俐 范劍虹 2010. Master
抽象行政行為司法審查理論研究 : 完善我國抽象行政行為司法審查制度 = Theoretical research on the judicial review of abstract administrative act : improve the judicial review system of abstract administrative act in China
Liu, Dan 蔣朝陽 2010. Master
李海敏 范劍虹 2010. Master
王安憶與張愛玲的小說藝術比較研究 = A comparative study on the novelistic aethetics of Wang Anyi and Eileen Chang
別業青 龔剛 2010. Master
Performance evaluation of a make-to-forecast policy with postponement strategy
Li, Zhen Lian, Zhao Tong 2010. Master
Case-based expert system using wavelet packet transform and kernel-based feature manipulation for engine spark ignition diagnosis check Full Text
Huang, He Vong, Chi Man 2010. Master
黃國豪 鄧景濱 2010. Master
跨文化背景下的衝突與融合 : 福克納對當代中國作家影響的倫理敍事研究
胡雅坤 龔剛 2010. Master

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