UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author Supervisor Issue Date arrow_drop_up Degree
Low-power CMOS processors design for ECG QRS wave detection and data compression check Full Text
Ieong, Chio In Vai, Mang I 2016. Doctoral
Fracture analysis of functionally graded materials based on extended finite element method check Full Text
Sun, Lin Lin Kou, Kun Pang 2016. Master
學校教育資源與學校校園科學環境對科學素養的影響 : 以澳門和香港 PISA 2006 表現為例 check Full Text
李嘉欣 周憶粟 2016. Master
Adaptive consensus control for nonlinear multi-agent systems check Full Text
Ren, Chang E Chen, C. L. 2016. Doctoral
Research on outlier mining method to web content
Wang, Peng Cheng Guo, Jing Zhi 2016. Master
Study of a combined system of thyristor controlled LC filter and hybrid active power filter check Full Text
Ho, Sut Ian Lam, Chi Seng 2016. Master
Alternating direction method for high dimensional fractional diffusion equations with preconditioned strategy check Full Text
Chou, Lot Kei Lei, Siu Long 2016. Master
Disparity maps extraction based on MRF method from an image sequence check Full Text
Lan, Jun 張立明 2016. Master
家庭教育對學生科學素養的影響 : 以 PISA2006 澳門資料為例 check Full Text
陳少婷 周憶粟 2016. Master
An analysis of the culture contents in senior high English textbooks used in Mainland China check Full Text
Li, Yi Pei 王燕 2016. Master

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