UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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"四庫全書" 文獻在澳門的流傳及收藏利用研究 /
林金霞 鄧駿捷 2010. Master
Translating Chinese humor in movie subtitles : a case study /
Sio, In San Li, Jian 2010. Master
Estudo da expressão morfo-sintáctica das categorias de tempo, modo e aspecto em maquista /
Pinharanda Nunes, Mário Baxter, Alan Norman 2010. Doctoral
Comparison of different correlating methods for the single-phase heat transfer data in laminar and turbulent flow regions / check Full Text
Lei, Chan Un Tam, Lap Mou 2010. Master
Surface deformation on composite patches by constrained morphing /
Lo, Kin Man Yang, Zhi Xin 2010. Master
A novel design of underwater vehicle-manipulator systems for cleaning water pool / check Full Text
Lo, Ka Meng Li, Yang Min 2010. Master
Design and validation a full scale experimental chamber with interior convective heat transfer / check Full Text
Lam, Calisto Tam, Lap Mou 2010. Master
跨文化背景下的衝突與融合 : 福克納對當代中國作家影響的倫理敍事研究 /
胡雅坤 龔剛 2010. Master
粤語流行曲歌詞語言特點研究 = Study on the linguistic characteristics of Canton Pop lyrics /
宋琨 鄧景濱 2010. Master
"說文.女部"漢字的文化內涵 = The cultural connotation of the radical women in Shuowenjiezi /
王瓊 鄧景濱 2010. Master

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