UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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陳藝康 張立明 2010. Master
多元文化課程設計與實施之行動研究 = An action research of curriculum design and implementation on multicultural education check Full Text
何燕燕 宋明娟 2010. Master
Norm inequalities for a matrix product analogous to the commutator
Lok, Io Kei Cheng, Che Man 2010. Master
電腦多媒體輔助初中一年級學生學習地理之研究 / A study of the effect of CAI on learning Geogaphy for Junior One students / Ho Weng Fai. check Full Text
何永輝 范進偉 2010. Master
Hybrid segmentation on slant & skewed deformation text in natural scene images check Full Text
Fei, Xiao Lei Dong, Ming Chui 2010. Master
License Plate Recognition algorithms and their application to Macao license plates check Full Text
Ho, Wai Yiu Pun, Chi Man 2010. Master
Numerical simulation of urban heat island effect of Macau by ARPS program check Full Text
Liu, Bin 王志石 2010. Master
門裡門外性別之思 : 澳門初中語文教科書中的女性形象分析
李一之 黃素君 2010. Master
蔡嘉振 何敬恩 2010. Master
Framing Article 23 : contrasts in narratives of the Wen Wei Po, Apple Daily, Macao Daily News and People's Daily (2000-2009)
Choi, Sin Kuan Chen, Huai Lin 2010. Master

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