UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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敦煌變文被動句研究 = Research of passive voice in Dunhuang Bianwen
高軍青 宋紹年 2004. Master
合成詞的內部構造和詞的語法屬性的相關性 = The correlation between the structures of compounds and the grammatical feature of the compounds in Chinese
陳麗萍 郭銳 2004. Master
Smart card : a preliminary case study of octopus card in Hong Kong
Chiu, Sung Kin Nasol, Ramon Lino 2004. Master
An evaluation of the competitiveness of Macao's gaming industry within East Asia
Cheng, Ho In 2004. Master
A case study of the liberalized mobile telecom sector of Macau
Vong, Choi Leng 2004. Master
Transition to TQM in a partially ISO 9000 certified service organization in Macau
Ao, Mei Seong Noronha, Carlos 2004. Master
"史記" "者"、"所"指稱研究探新 = The new research method on the reference to Zhe & Suo in Shiji
董月凱 宋紹年 2004. Master
城鄉一體化區域的基礎教育人力資源開發研究 : 以上海市寶山區為例
陳志建 趙渭榮 2004. Master
論公共企業的品牌戰略與政府關係 : 以上海航空股份有限公司為個案分析
周斌 孫關宏 2004. Master
城市"社區青年"就業問題研究 : 以上海洋涇街道"社區青年"就業指導為個案
張軍 李春成 2004. Master

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