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Loving music is a child's nature. Yet, we don't know when it started that children gifted for music do not like attending music lessons in school. “ Monotonous music theories, prolonged and incomprehensible compositions, they have all disgusted us.” "Dull music lesson are all about memorizing composers’backgrounds and analyzing lyrics, and they are all made into language classes by our music teachers!”All these are what our students want to say about music lessons. This survey takes a close look at the current situation of one hundred and twenty Form One and Form Two students who study in an English Medium school in Macao. Through this survey, we reached a conclusion that nowadays most secondary school students are not intcrested in their music lesson. Hence, we noticed that in order to change this parameter, we have to first of all improve students’motivation in music lessons. Therefore, starting from the design of curriculum based on the theory of Multiple Intelligences, a Unit of the music course was designed according to the tenets of Assessment For Leaming. With concrete practice, group discussion sessions were conducted with thirty-two students (among which sixteen were previously poor in music grades while another sixteen have already been excellent academically). Four of them were further interviewed and talked to in depth. Then it was studied and analyzed by means of Performance Assessment and Portfolio Assessment and was proved very successful: Students not only are then more interested in music lessens, but also long for more in classical music and music theories. We finally conclude that students’interest in music lessons can only be improved if there are appropriate designs in the content, teaching approaches and means of assessments of the curriculum.

Chinese Abstract

愛樂,是孩子們的天性。然而,不知從甚麼時候開始,具有愛樂天性的孩子卻不喜歡學校裏的音樂課。「枯燥乏味的樂理,冗長難懂的樂曲,讓人倒盡胃口。」;「無聊的音樂課,整天讓我們背作者簡介,分析歌詞,音樂課變成了語文課!」,這些都是現在中學生的心聲。 本人對120位英文部初中一、二年級的學生進行了問卷調查,得出結論:「現時大多數中學生對學校的音樂課不感興趣。」從中發現,要想改變這一現狀,首先要做的就是提高學生的音樂學習興趣。因此,本人從課程設計方面著手,在多元智能理論基礎上,根據「促進學習之評量」原理,設計了一個音樂單元課程。通過實踐後,對32 位同學(其中16位同學以往音樂成績較差,16位同學向來成績優良。)進行小組討論,與四位同學進行詳細的訪談,運用表現性評價及成長紀錄袋許價方法進行分析,證實此次課程非常成功,同學們不僅上音樂課的興趣提高了,對古典音樂以及音樂理論知識也有了主動學習的慾望。 從而總結出,只有從內容、方式、評量等多方面對音樂課進行合理的設計,才能提高學生的音樂學習興趣。

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Music -- Instruction and study -- Macau

音樂 -- 指導及學習 -- 澳門

Curriculum planning -- Macau

課程規劃 -- 澳門



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