UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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銷售話語分析 : 以深圳義烏小商品市場銷售語言為例 = An analysis of selling talks : a case study of the sales language used in Shenzhen Yiwu small commodity market check Full Text
鄢菁菲 邵朝陽 2015. Master
青海漢藏大學生語言態度的雙向調查 = A survey of bi-directional language attitude of the Han and Tibetan university students in Qinghai Province check Full Text
史曉玲 邵朝陽 2015. Master
娛樂場博彩信貸產生的合法債務跨境執行之研究 = The study for cross-border execution of legal obligation arising from casino gaming credit
李金獅 邱庭彪 2015. Master
論廉政公署與檢察院偵查與控訴階段的權限衝突 = Analysis on conflicts of competence between CCAC and the Public Prosecutions Office in the investigating and accusation stage check Full Text
高穎章 邱庭彪 2015. Master
Relevancia das alteracoes ao codigo de processo penal
Leong, Lai Peng 邱庭彪 2015. Master
O regime das provas obtidas pelo agente provocador = The legal regime for obtained proof by agent provocateur
Leong, Kuok Pan 邱庭彪 2015. Master
Instrucao ainda subsiste? Porque? : uma abordagem sobre a fase de instrucao no processo penal de Macau = Preliminary examination still exists? Why? : approach to preliminary examination in criminal proceedings of Macau
Leong, Cheng Ieng 邱庭彪 2015. Master
論民事訴訟中的資產凍結 : 以澳門假扣押及查封的法律制度為中心 = Discussion on asset freeze in civil actions : based on the legal regime of distraint and attachment in Macau check Full Text
鮑衍亨 邱庭彪 2015. Master
澳門醫生人力供需研究 (2013-2017) check Full Text
湯麗娟 趙靜 2015. Master
中國內地與澳門法人犯罪制度的比較研究 = A comparative study of the system of corporate crime between Chinese Mainland and Macau check Full Text
李寶佳 趙國強 2015. Master

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