UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author Supervisor arrow_drop_down Issue Date Degree
澳門 "教學設計獎勵計劃" 中物理科優秀教案分析 check Full Text
陳家綱 魏冰 2015. Master
甘肅省定西市高中學生科學思維習慣調查研究 check Full Text
南曉娟 魏冰 2015. Master
教科書評價標準 : 高中生物教師的觀點 check Full Text
劉金秀 魏冰 2015. Master
中學生物教師實驗教學之個案研究 : 教師的認識信念, 教學目標與教學實踐的關係 check Full Text
劉玲玲 魏冰 2015. Master
A study on the subsidy discipline under WTO legal framework regarding renewable energy
Huang, Meng 魏丹 2015. Master
Food safety and consumer protection : the perspective of China's food safety law
Ma, Rui 魏丹 2015. Master
Study of confidentiality in international commercial argitration check Full Text
Chen, Zhen Zhen 魏丹 2015. Master
澳門競爭制度研究 : 從經濟體特徵角度分析 = The study on competition system of Macao : an analysis from the perspective of economic characteristics check Full Text
李傑 魏丹 2015. Master
Infringement and protection of Internet copyright in China check Full Text
Wei, Yan Mei 魏丹 2015. Master
Retaliation mechanism in the WTO dispute settlement system (DSS) : a developing country member's perspective check Full Text
Deng, Li 魏丹 2015. Master

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