UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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澳門學生背景、社經地位和家庭資源對學業成就影響研究 check Full Text
劉綺芬 梁成安 2010. Master
曾瑪莉 梁成安 2010. Master
Analysis of volatile components in Cinnamomum cassia using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and the effect of sample preparation check Full Text
Lv, Guang Ping, 李紹平 2010. Master
老鷹茶黃酮類成分抗氧化活性及定量測定 check Full Text
孟瓊 李紹平 2010. Master
Quality evaluation of Dendrobium species based on the analysis of multiple components check Full Text
Xu, Jun 李紹平 2010. Master
Hariti, from a demon mother to a protective deity in Buddhism : a history of an Indian pre-Buddhist goddess in Chinese Buddhist art
Hei, Rui 朱天舒 2010. Master
初中生生活壓力、因應策略與自我傷害的相關研究 = A study of the relationship between life stressors, coping strategies, and self-injury in junior high school students
金慧君 曾琦 2010. Master
Bring the "Partnership and Cooperation Agreement" to new heights? : implications for the prospective EU-China PCA
Zhang, Jiao 曾令良 2010. Master
席成清 施達明 2010. Master
澳門初中生數學自我效能、數學學業成就與學業求助之相關研究 check Full Text
張思君 施達明 2010. Master

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