UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author Supervisor arrow_drop_up Issue Date Degree
Family ownership, auditor choice and audit fees : evidence from Hong Kong check Full Text
Lam, Weng Kit Lei, Cheuk Hung 2013. Master
A splitting iteration method for solving fractional diffusion equations check Full Text
Qu, Wei Lei, Siu Long 2013. Master
Social stratification and strain underlying the intentional homicide with the revengeful motivation in China : a mixed methods study check Full Text
Bai, Xiao Nan Li, De 2013. Master
Love or kill : intimate partner mass murder in the 21st-century China
Ma, Tian Li, De 2013. Master
Mass murders as a result of confrontation in Chinese society check Full Text
Liu, Wei Di Li, De 2013. Master
青陽參的化學成分研究 / Chemical study on the root of Cynanchum otophyllum Schneid / Shen Dongyan. check Full Text
申東豔 Li, Peng 2013. Master
Media representation of foreign domestic workers in Macau and Hong Kong : a longitudinal analysis of reports in Macau Daily and Apple Daily in 2003-2012
Wen, Dai Mo Li, Xiao Qin 2013. Master
Enabling component-based model transformations with QVT
Li, Dan Li, Xiao Shan 2013. Doctoral
A Chinese character system modeling and development
Chen, Xiao Jian Li, Xiao Shan 2013. Master
Macao's political reform consultation in 2012 : a case study on public engagement check Full Text
Cheong, Kin Mei Li, Ying 2013. Master

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