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Social stratification and strain underlying the intentional homicide with the revengeful motivation in China : a mixed methods study

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A notable motivation for revenge in intentional homicide produces great social harm. Murderers with the revengeful motivation have intensively strain to ―get even‖ from previous wrongdoers or imaginary ―enemy‖. To make us well understood of intentional homicide with the revengeful motivation, the present study uses the mixed methods to explore this issue. Whether social class and strain factors have the association with offenders who committed revengeful homicide or not is tested in this study. This thesis draws on court verdict documents of offenders who convicted of intentional homicide in Mainland China to research on vengeful homicide. 635 intentional homicide cases are randomly selected from China Court website. In the first quantitative stage, bivariate analysis findings suggest that social class is not associated with revengeful homicide offenders, but victims‘ faults and strain are associated with revengeful homicide offenders. In addition, situational characteristics, such as divorced status, crime location in rural areas, shared residences, using bludgeon and strangulation as weapons, broken relationship and acquaintance and intimate relationships in revengeful homicide differ from homicide with non-revengeful motivation. Findings from multiple logistic regressions indicate victims‘ faults, strain and some situational characteristics are important factors to estimate offenders murdering for revenge. In the second qualitative stage, typical cases are selected to help us further interpretation on revengeful homicide. In the end of the thesis, on the basis of the SOCIAL STRATIFICATION AND STRAIN UNDERLYING THE INTENTIONAL HOMICIDE WITH THE REVENGEFUL MOTIVATION IN CHINA: A MIXED METHODS STUDY III statistics of revengeful homicide, the present study integrate some cultural explanations—―favor‖, ―face‖, ―forgiveness and revenge‖, Chinese social mentality, the social situation of rural China and moral habit to make further exploration on revengeful homicide in China.

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Bai, Xiao Nan


Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities


Department of Sociology




Homicide -- China

Criminology -- China


Li, De

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