UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Design and experimental evaluation of predictive engine air-ratio control using relevance vector machine check Full Text
Wong, Hang Cheong Wong, Pak Kin 2009. Master
The study of the competitiveness of CTM :
Wong, San San Liu, Ting Chi 2009. Master
Field monitoring of a diaphragm wall construction in Macau
Wong, Sio Leong Yan, Wai Man 2009. Master
Personalized scheduling search advertisement by mining the history behaviors of users
Xiao, Guang Yi Gong, Zhi Guo 2009. Master
A case study of slotting allowance in China
Xie, Zhi Chow, Siu Fung 2009. Master
An empirical study of firm-level social pension insurance in Jilin Province
Xu, Chi Zheng, Ming Li 2009. Master
An exploratory study on corruptions in some selected PRC firms
Xu, Jiang Tian Kong, Siew Huat 2009. Master
Flexibility versus certainty : a comparative study of choice of law rules regarding contractual liabilities in the European Union and Mainland China
Xu, Mu Chi 涂廣建 2009. Master
Random analytic signals
Xu, Su Huai Qian, Tao 2009. Master
Legal standing of private parties within judicial reviews in the European Community : the missing piece in a complete system of remedies?
Xu, Zi Wei Castro, Paulo Canelas de 2009. Master

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