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The study of the competitiveness of CTM :

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ABSTRACT With the approaching of telecommunication market full liberalization, it implies that CTM will face unprecedented challenges in future. Thus, this project aims to assess the brand performance of CTM and give recommendations to improve its brand image. This research is a single case design study. It adopted content analysis methodology and associated with SPSS, frequency analysis to conduct this project. The sources of data are from 1) in-depth interviews with CTM management, such as CEO, Vice President of Marketing and Senior Manager of Marketing Service. 2) a total of 273 questionnaires were conducted to find out the perceptive of CTM brand knowledge of consumers. CTM adopts corporate brand name strategy to development its business. The survey showed that CTM possesses high awareness, and, the brand image of fixed line and mobile achieved higher-than-average rating on brand-knowledge of CTM. In addition, through the brand development, it has built customer-oriented culture and achieved good performance in mobile sector. However, the brand image of CTM Internet service had a relatively lower rating in the survey. Moreover, the result of the survey also demonstrated that CTM’s brand lack of uniqueness of brand associations. This project provides an original insight into an important telecommunication company in Macao. It suggests CTM should pay attention on competition and through adjusts brand strategy to get ready for race with others. The recommendations of brand strategy are also offered to CTM management for improving its competitiveness to lead to success in future telecommunication industry.

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Wong, San San


Faculty of Business Administration


Department of Management and Marketing




Telecommunication -- Macau

Strategic planning -- Case studies

Consumer behavior -- Macau


Liu, Ting Chi

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