UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author arrow_drop_up Supervisor Issue Date Degree
Compression, indexing and searching of a large structured-text database in a library monitoring and control system (LiMaCS) / check Full Text
Tam, Wai I 1998. Master
Customers values and attitudes of teenagers in relation to dieting / check Full Text
Ung, Rowena A. Nasol, Ramon Lino 1998. Master
Values and attitudes of teens in Macau toward green consumption : a marketing approach / check Full Text
Vong, Man Hung 1998. Master
Characteristics of Japanese and Taiwanese visitors to Macau / check Full Text
Zhang, Jian Zhong Nasol, Ramon Lino 1998. Master
The Chinese dilemma : using comparative management theory to find ways for developing economy in China / check Full Text
Zhou, Jun 1998. Master
A scalable web-based distributed network management architecture and the manager MIB design / check Full Text
Zhuang, Yan 1998. Master
A poesia classica chinesa : uma leitura de traducoes portuguesas / check Full Text
姚京明, 1998. Master
Abordagem sintactico-semantica dos verbos estativos em portugues e em chines / check Full Text
王增揚 1998. Master
澳門歷史的轉折點 : 亞馬勒政府 / check Full Text
葉志良 霍啟昌 1998. Master
淺探十九世紀末至二十世紀初澳門華人之葡文教育 / check Full Text
薛榮滔 霍啓昌 1998. Master

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