UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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馬禮遜 "華英字典" 女性相關詞特徵研究 : A study on the characteristics of female-related words in Robert Morrison's Chinese-English dictionary check Full Text
王璞 邵朝陽 2015. Master
明清嶺南儒佛思想與天然函昰 "瞎堂詩集" 研究 = A study on the thought of Buddhism and Confucian during Ming and Qing Dynasties in south of the five ridges : based on master Tianran Hanshi and his Xiatang Anthology check Full Text
符愔暢 鄭德華 2015. Master
納蘭性德詞中的夢意象探微 : 以顏色詞爲中心 = An analysis of the dream image in Nalan Xingde's Ci:focus on color words check Full Text
許玥 鄧駿捷 2015. Master
南通普通話變體語音研究 = A phonological study of Nantong Putonghua variant check Full Text
王超 侍建國 2015. Master
內地生在澳門的學術文化適應探究 : 基於澳門某所研究生院的內地生的個案研究 check Full Text
梁爽 王燕 2015. Master
農村經濟組織審計模式研究 : 以江門市 Y 鎮為例 check Full Text
李子琳 吳德榮 2015. Master
歐盟消費者 ODR 制度研究 : 以跨境 B2C 糾紛解決為視角 = A research for European Union consumer ODR system : the perspective of dispute resolution for cross-border B2C check Full Text
陳浩理 汪超 2015. Master
評估澳門公務人員退休生活保障制度 check Full Text
李雪薇 林明基 2015. Master
淺析澳門特別行政區刑事強制措施制度在司法實踐中的若干問題 = Analysis on several issues in the judicial practice about criminal mandatory measure system of Macao Special Administrative Region check Full Text
梁志聰 李哲 2015. Master
青海漢藏大學生語言態度的雙向調查 = A survey of bi-directional language attitude of the Han and Tibetan university students in Qinghai Province check Full Text
史曉玲 邵朝陽 2015. Master

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