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內地生在澳門的學術文化適應探究 : 基於澳門某所研究生院的內地生的個案研究

English Abstract

This study investigates academic acculturation of Chinese mainland postgraduate students in Macau. It aims at problems they have met, strategies they have adopted , and influencing factors that generate problems. The study adopts the qualitative research method, using semi-structured in-depth interviews to collect datas. Nine Chinese mainland postgraduate students (five females and four males) aged from 24-29, who are in their second year of study participated in this study and each are given an interview individually. The following are the main findings of this research: First, problems met by Chinese mainland students in the process of academic acculturation are as follows: language, course arrangement, subjects learning, interpersonal relationship and public resources. Language is a major problem among these in the process of academic acculturation. Second, strategies adopted by Chinese mainland postgraduate students are integration strategy and separation strategy. Most Chinese mainland postgraduate students can be positive and optimistic when they are faced with these problems. They made adaptive changes and adjustments from their own to adapt. vi Third, influencing factors that generate problems can be divided into six aspects: learning motives, sense of belonging, discrimination, study atmosphere, educational method, and activity participation. In addition, the distance between their undergraduate university and the University of Macau, as well as the relevance between their undergraduate major and postgraduate major also have an impact on the process of academic acculturation. The significance of this research lies in the following points: first, this research focuses on the academic aspect of acculturation, rather than the social or personal; second, this research focuses on the academic acculturation of postgraduates in Macau, rather than in foreign countries; third, the object of this research is a group of postgraduate students, rather than undergraduate students; fourth, this research has positive effects on school policies and public administration; finally, this research will offer some valuable information to students in Macau or students who will study in Macau .

Chinese Abstract

本研究旨在瞭解在澳門某大學就讀的中國內地生的學術文化適應狀況, 他們遇到的問題,解決問題的策略,以及產生這些問題的影響因素。 本研究採用質性研究的方法,以半結構式的深度訪談法收集資料,向九 名(女生五名男生四名)24-29 歲、已在澳門某大學某所研究生院進行第二 年求學的內地生進行個別訪談。本研究主要有以下發現: 一、內地生在澳門某大學學術文化適應中遇到的問題有以下幾個方面:語言 障礙;課程安排;學科學習;人際關係;公共資源。其中,語言障礙是影響 內地生學術文化適應進程的重要方面。 二、內地生在澳門某大學學術文化適應中解決問題所採取的策略有整合和分 離兩種。大部分內地生能以積極樂觀的態度面對問題,並且從自身出發,做 出適應性的改變和調整。 三、內地生在澳門某大學學術文化適應中的影響因素有以下幾個方面:求學 動機、歸屬感、區別對待、學習氛圍、教育方式、活動參與。另外,內地生 本科學校與澳門某大學的距離長短以及本科專業與研究生專業相關度大小 也會對內地生的學術文化適應產生一定影響。 本次研究的意義在於:第一,本研究聚焦於文化適應的學術方面,而非 iv 社會和個人方面;第二,本研究聚焦于內地生在澳門某大學的學術文化適應 狀況,而非國外;第三,研究對象聚焦於研究生群體,而非本科生;第四, 本研究將會對學校政策和行政管理產生積極的作用;第五,本研究為在澳求 學或者將要來澳求學的內地學生提供更多有價值的資訊。

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Chinese students -- Macau -- Case studies

華人學生 -- 澳門 -- 個案研究

Students, Foreign -- Macau -- Case studies

外地學生 -- 澳門 -- 個案研究

College students -- China -- Case studies

大專學生 -- 中國 -- 個案研究



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