UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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論澳門環境保護規劃的法制化及程序化 = The legalization and procedure of the Macao environmental protection planning check Full Text
歐志丹 蔣朝陽 2015. Master
論澳門民法典中的夫妻雙方負責債務 = Conjugal debts of Macao Civil Code check Full Text
蕭燕霞 唐曉晴 2015. Master
論澳門遠距交易中消費者之保護 = A study of consumer protection regarding distance contract in Macau check Full Text
林海彤 唐曉晴 2015. Master
論道德在刑法中的運用 : 兼論兩者的衝突與抉擇 = On the application of morality in criminal laws : also on their conflicts and choices check Full Text
傅雨晞 趙國強 2015. Master
論對澳門行政法規制定的監察 = To discuss the supervision of formulating administrative regulation in Macao check Full Text
馮彥龍 蔣朝陽 2015. Master
論胡蘭成的文學行動及其影響 check Full Text
張冬明 朱壽桐 2015. Doctoral
論李劼人文學的思想傾向 = On the literary tendency of Li Jieren check Full Text
何佳倍 朱壽桐 2015. Master
論廉政公署與檢察院偵查與控訴階段的權限衝突 = Analysis on conflicts of competence between CCAC and the Public Prosecutions Office in the investigating and accusation stage check Full Text
高穎章 邱庭彪 2015. Master
論朦朧詩派對當代詩歌的影響 = The impacts of obscure poetry faction on contemporary poetry check Full Text
周小婷 龔剛 2015. Master
論民事取得時效對澳門境內土地之適用 = A study of the applicability of usucaption to the land within Macao check Full Text
陸惠婷 汪超 2015. Master

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