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論澳門民法典中的夫妻雙方負責債務 = Conjugal debts of Macao Civil Code

English Abstract

This essay aims to discuss the scope, criterion for distinguishment and the effects of conjugal debts in Macao "Civil Code", and the related effects to a creditor means the pattern of liability of the debts. Therefore, a fulfillment or not of the concept of conjugal common interest helps to distinguish the conjugal debts from the personal debts. Moreover, the main characteristics of this kind of debts is that its’ own pattern of liability depend on different matrimonial property regimes. Finally, either one of the couple who pays the debts to the creditors first can claim the compensation. Chapter One is about the background of the system of conjugal debts, including the description of betrothal, conclusion of marriage, personal and property effects of marriage. Chapter Two is about the historical background of the conjugal debts, briefly about the development of the guiding principles of the property effects of marriage from the principle of “Seabra Code” to the Portugal Civil Code of year 1966 and then to the Portugal Civil Code of the modified version of year 1977. Chapter Three discusses the concept, differences from personal debts, and characteristics of conjugal debts. Chapter Four is about the analysis of the criterion of the debts, which is based on the Macao Civil Code and its practical application. Chapter Five focuses on the related effects to the creditors, as well as the effects between the husband and the wife. Chapter Six is a summary of the essay, including the discussion of the difficulties in the current execution of the debts, and also some improvements of the imperfections.

Chinese Abstract

本文旨在討論澳門《民法典》中夫妻雙方負責債務的範圍、判別標準及相 關的效力,而後者中對債權人的效力實質上就是債務的責任模式。因此,是否 符合夫妻共同利益此概念就區分了夫妻雙方債務及夫妻個人債務;其次,債務 的責任模式依不同婚姻財產制度下而異亦是該類債務的重要特徵;最後,夫妻 任一方先向債權人償還債務會獲得補償。 本文的第一章內容為夫妻雙方負責債務的體系背景,包括對婚約、結婚、 婚姻之人身效力及財產效力的簡述;第二章內容為夫妻雙方負責債務的歷史背 景,主要是關於《塞亞布拉民法典》的原則至 1966 年葡國《民法典》、以及 1977 年經修改的葡國《民法典》中婚姻之財產效力之指導原則的演變;第三章將進 入討論夫妻雙方負責債務的概念、與夫妻個人債務的區別及特徵;第四章的內 容會以澳門現行《民法典》作為基礎,分析有關法典中對該類債務的判別標準 和實際應用;第五章的內容重點研究該類債務對債權人的效力,以及夫妻之間 的效力;第六章是對本論文的總結,其中包括論述該類債務在現行操作上遇上 的難點及有關的不完善之處,並提供改善的建議。

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Obligations (Law) -- Macau

債 (法律) -- 澳門

Husband and wife -- Macau

配偶之間的法律關係 -- 澳門



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