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論民事取得時效對澳門境內土地之適用 = A study of the applicability of usucaption to the land within Macao

English Abstract

This thesis, entitled “A study of the applicability of usucaption to the land within Macao”, attempts to study whether the land within Macao can be the object of usucaption system or not in order to understand well the article 9 of current land legislation (Law no. 10/2013) which is relevant to the regulations of usucaption. This thesis is divided into three main parts. The first part is about the usucaption system. As we all know that the usucaption, as an ancient system from the Roman law (it is mainly succeeded and developed by the civil law codes of France and Germany), is a concept with rich connotation and deep root, and is an important subject in the area of civil law because it plays an important role in keeping the stability of the rights over things and in maximizing the utilization of property, therefore, this part presents briefly the origin (Roman law) and the development (legislative models of France and Germany) of usucaption system, especially its regulations in the civil law code of Macao. The second part classifies lands within Macao into private ownership land and State or Macao territory ownership land according to the land laws and other relevant legislations in Macao, furthermore, this part also expounds the document of title by which the land ownership can be verified. The third part is about the discussion on the applicability of usucaption to the land within Macao. As a matter of fact, the land, as an important resource for people, is always protected and regulated by countries under their own policy, but for historical reasons, the legal system of land in Macao is totally different from that in Mainland China. According to article 7 of the «Basic Law», the land shall be State property if it was not recognized as the private land according to the laws in force before the establishment of the Macao Special Administrative Region, similar regulations can be already found in the previous land legislations in Macao. For those lands belonging to the property of State or Macao territory, whether they can be the objects of usucaption system or not depends on the special norms which were established by legislators, thus, based on the land laws and other relevant legislations in Macau, doctrine (opinions of scholars) and practice (judicial decisions), this part, in the first place, classifies State or Macao territory ownership land into public domain land and private domain land, then focuses on the topic of acquiring the land (rights of the land) within Macao by usucaption, including the acquistion of both private ownership land and State or Macao territory ownership land (public domain land and private domain land), finally expands the discussion on the article 9 of current land legislation (Law no. 10/2013), especially in the aspect of recognizing the document of title. In closing, I hope that all the materials presented in this thesis, comprising the land legislations from 1856 to 2013, other relevant legislations, opinions of different scholars, judicial decisions, etc., can also be great help to both readers and writers who are interested in this or other topics relevant to the land.

Chinese Abstract

本論文題為 “論民事取得時效對澳門境內土地之適用”,藉研究澳門境內的 土地能否成為取得時效制度之對象以便更好地理解現行土地立法 (第 10/2013 號 法律) 第 9 條關於取得時效之規定。 本論文分為三個主要的部分。 第一部分是關於取得時效制度。眾所周知,取得時效作為源於羅馬法 (其主 要為法國及德國民法典所繼受及發展) 的一個古老制度,是一內涵豐富和甚具淵 源的概念,且由於其維持財産權穩定性和最大化財産利用的重要功能,亦是民法 領域中一個重要的課題,故本部分便就取得時效制度的淵源 (羅馬法) 及發展 (法 國及德國的立法例),尤其是其在澳門民法典中的規定作出概述。 第二部分根據澳門的土地法律及其他相關立法,將澳門境內的土地分為屬於 私人所有的土地和屬於國家或澳門地區所有的土地,並且亦就能識別土地歸屬的 權利憑證作出闡述。 第三部分是就取得時效對澳門境內土地之適用的討論。事實上,土地作為人 民重要的資源一直被各國按照自身的政策加以保護及監管,但基於歷史的原因, 澳門的土地法律制度與中國內地迥然不同。根據<>第 7 條,如土地未 於澳門特別行政區成立前被依法確認為私有土地便屬於國家所有,相類似的規定 早見於澳門過往的土地立法。對屬於國家或澳門地區所有的土地而言,其能否成 為取得時效的對象取決於立法者所訂定的特別規範,因此,以澳門土地法律及其 他相關立法、學說 (學者的見解) 和實踐 (司法判決) 為基礎,本部分首先將屬於 國家或澳門地區所有的土地分為公産土地和私産土地,然後集中研究透過取得時 效獲得澳門境內的土地 (土地的權利) 此論題,包括獲得屬於私人所有的土地和 屬於國家或澳門地區所有的土地 (公産土地和私産土地),最後就現行土地立 法 (第 10/2013 號法律) 第 9 條展開論述,尤其在於權利憑證的承認方面。 最後,希望本文所引述的所有材料,包括由 1856 年至 2013 年的土地立法, 其他相關的立法,不同學者的見解,司法判決等,亦能對就本論題或與土地相關 的其他論題有興趣之讀者及筆者有所助益。 關鍵字:取得時效、私人所有土地 、私人所有土地、公産土地、私産土地、權利憑證

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Prescription (Law) -- Macau

時效 (法律) -- 澳門

Acquisition of property -- Macau

財產獲得及其法規 -- 澳門

Land titles -- Macau

土地契約 -- 澳門



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