UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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澳門粵語上聲在連續語流中的聲調合併 = Tone merging of the rising tones in Macao Cantonese in continuous speech check Full Text
司璐煒 張璟瑋 2022. Master
澳門粵語高升變調的社會語言學研究 : 以"澳門"的"門"字為例 = A Sociolinguistics study of high-rising tone Sandhi in Macau Cantonese : the analysis of "MUN" in OU-MUN check Full Text
朱文君 徐大明 2018. Master
澳門粤曲曲藝的發展與李向榮研究 = A research on the development of Cantonese operatic songs in Macao and Li Xiang Rong
凌錦雄 譚美玲 2009. Master
澳門粤劇初探 = A preliminary study of Cantonses Opera in Macao
王朝蟬 李簡 2007. Master
澳門原有法律制度及原則對法院審判權所作限制之研究 = A study on the restrictions on the jurisdiction imposed by the legal system and principles previously in force in Macao
周挺 駱偉建 2013. Master
澳門語言景觀比較研究 check Full Text
張媛媛 徐大明 2016. Doctoral
謝斌 李思敏 2011. Master
劉紫涵 王秉正 2012. Master
澳門與中國內地行政執行制度比較研究 = Comparative study of administration executive system of Macao and Mainland China
吳素靜 蔣朝陽 2010. Master
澳門與中國內地的假釋制度比較 = Comparison of parole system in Macau and mainland China check Full Text
李家敏 李哲 2022. Master

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