UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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The culturally specific items in The Ghost and its Chinese equivalents : a translation project check Full Text
Lei, Ka I Li, Jian 2016. Master
The cultural experiences of Mainland Chinese working in Macau check Full Text
Fong, Cho Kei Sandel, Todd L. 2016. Master
The coordination of pharmaceutical patent and public health from the view of TRIPS check Full Text
Chen, Zhang Chu Chu Hsiao, I-Hsuan 2016. Master
The comparative study of conceptual metaphors of death in English and Chinese epitaphs check Full Text
Fang, Xiao Jun Pang, Kam Yiu 2016. Master
The comic and the issue of truth in eighteenth century Gothic novels : the cases of Walpole, Radcliffe and Lewis check Full Text
Hao, Kin Fai Shaw, Damian 2016. Master
The closer you look, the less you see : intellectual property rights and magic performances : insights from the EU and China check Full Text
Zhang, Xiao Shi Neuwirth Rostam J. 2016. Master
The Chinese Soul in British colony : the traditional village life in the New Territories, 1898-1941 check Full Text
Lu, Jia Jin 何偉傑 2016. Master
The challenge of cyber conflicts in Sino-US relations check Full Text
Li, Jia Ling You Ji 2016. Master
The Catholic Church in Fujian, 1929-1938 : regional church's system, operation, and the interaction with the secular society check Full Text
Li, Xin 茅海建 2016. Master
The birth and growth of the modern police in Xinjiang (1902-1928)
Zhang, Lu Jie Wei, C. X., George 2016. Master

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