UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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The effects of teaching methods on undergraduates' academic performance : a case of Macao Tertiary Education Research Data System
Ge, Yun 單文經 2009. Master
The effect of particle grading on the mechanical behavior of a granular assemblage : discrete element approach
Dong, Jing Jing Yan, Wai Man 2009. Master
The determinants of closed-end fund discounts in Hong Kong
Mak, Hoi Lan Tam, Hon Keung 2009. Master
The consequence of framing organization : a case study of some small organizations in Macau
Lui, Man Vai 2009. Master
The association between audit fees and managerial ownership : evidence from Hong Kong
Kuan, Sio Hong Liu, Ming 2009. Master
The applications of Fourier analysis to European option pricing check Full Text
U, Sio Chong Ding, Deng 2009. Master
The application of elementary stiffness matrix decomposition method in stochastic plane stress problems
Wang, Ming Chang Er, Guo Kang 2009. Master
The application of control chart for technical trading in financial market
Jiang, Jin Xi Yeung, Hang Fai 2009. Master
The anticancer effects of Yanhusuo San : mechanism of actions study
Gao, Jian Li 王一濤 2009. Doctoral
The acquisition of English Wh-relative clauses by Cantonese-speaking Chinese learners of English in Macao
Ng, Ka Ian 2009. Master

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