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The effects of teaching methods on undergraduates' academic performance : a case of Macao Tertiary Education Research Data System

English Abstract

The objective of this study was to test how different teaching methods and the matching strategies (between students’ preference and teachers' adoption of teaching methods) work on undergraduates’ learning outcomes. Nine approaches from teacher-centered (TCM), interactive (ITM) and student-centered (SCM) teaching were used in the present research. The data was collected from 726 sophomore students by using the questionnaire of MOTERDS(Macao Tertiary Education Research Data System) and analyzed by SPSS. Descriptive results of this present research indicated that although university teachers adopted various types of teaching methods, teacher-centered teaching approaches were most widely used. The main results of regression show that: 1) teachers can increase students’ academic achievement by using more multimedia-assisted instruction,research/experiment and group design/presentation; 2) not only the approaches from ITM has effects on students' learning behaviors, but also the approaches from SCM(i.e., Lecture) and TCM (i.e., Group Design/Presentation) can increase or reduce students’ involvement in learning; 3) the matching strategies between students’ preference and teachers' adoption of teaching methods had positive effects on students’ learning behaviors but had no directly effects on their academic achievements. Keywords: teaching methods, methods match, academic achievement, learning performance, higher education.

Chinese Abstract

本研究旨在探討各類教學方法和教學方法的匹配程度對於大學生學習成績和學習行爲表現的影響。研究所使用的引數是九種分別取自教師中心教學法,互動教學法和學生中心教學法的具體教學方式。本研究主要探用問卷調查的方法,由726位澳門大學三年級的學生填寫了澳門高等教育資料庫的自陳問卷(MOTERDS)。資料收集後,以SPSS 軟體進行統計分析。描述性結果顯示,雖然很多教育學家和心理學家極力推薦學生中心的教學方法,澳門大學的課堂還是以教師中心的教學方法爲主。線性回歸的結果主要指出:1)大學教師可以通過增加媒體輔助教學法、研究實驗法和小組設計發表等教學方法的使用,提高大學生的學習成績;2)不僅只有來自互動教學的具體方法能影響學生的學習行為表現,一些來自教師中心和學生中心的教學方法,例如單向講授課本和小組設計討論發表,也對此產生影響;3)在教師使用的教學方法與學生對該方法的認同越匹配,越能夠促進大學生產生積極的學習表現,但是對他們的學習成績並無直接作用。 關鍵字:教學方法,教學方法匹配,學習成績,學習行爲表現,高等教育

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Ge, Yun


Faculty of Education




College teaching -- Macau

大專院校教學 -- 澳門

Education, Higher -- Macau

高等教育 -- 澳門




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