UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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The Spanish dream : story of the Chinese Immigrants in Sevilla check Full Text
Vong, Kuok U Sandel, Todd L. 2016. Master
The structure of institutional ownership in sin stocks : evidence from the US equity market check Full Text
Chon, Hou Kin Cheung, Ming Yan 2016. Master
The study of physical exercise on life-satisfaction in junior middle school students from the cities of Qianjiang, Macau and Taipei check Full Text
Chen, Si Si 何敬恩 2016. Master
The transformation of earth god festivals in Macao check Full Text
Chao, Ka Hou 朱天舒 2016. Master
The treatment of state-owned enterprises under China's anti-monopoly and foreign competition laws : problems and prospects for China's economy check Full Text
Xie, Mei Ting Svetlicinii, Alexandr 2016. Master
The United States' initiative on Transpacific Partnership (TPP) : motivations, process, and implications check Full Text
Yan, Jing Jing Song Weiqing 2016. Master
The United States' military reconnaissance activity in China's coastal area : causes and countermeasures check Full Text
Zhu, Ting Ting Chen, Ding Ding 2016. Master
The wage discrimination to rural migrants in China : an empirical analysis
Liu, Yang 關峰 2016. Master
The wealth and risk effects of deposit insurance on commercial banks : evidence from China check Full Text
Zheng, Kai Meng 2016. Master
The Yanzhou Incident and Divine Word Missionaries' preaching activities in Southwest of Shandong Province, 1880-1900 check Full Text
Cao, Fei Ran Saldanha Antonio Vasconcelos de 2016. Master

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