UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title arrow_drop_up Author Supervisor Issue Date Degree
Hong Kong citizens' attitude toward hot spot policing
Zhang, Kai Li, De 2011. Master
How does nonfarm income affect inequality in rural China : evidence from provncial panel data check Full Text
Wang, Xin Yu Chen, Yu 2011. Master
Human rights policies of foreign capital companies of China
Cai, Ying Chen, Ding Ding 2011. Master
Impact of EU green directives on China's exports
Bi, Si Wei Hao, Yufan 2011. Master
Impact of perceived mothers' and fathers' parenting practices on adolescents' academic achievement and school misconduct among Taiwan junior high school students check Full Text
Pang, Weng Si 金樹人 2011. Master
Improving campus recruiting process the Six Sigma way : case study of a Mainland company
Liu, Hai Ying Shu, Lian Jie 2011. Master
Intangible cultural heritage in the People's Republic of China : the example of the Miao nationality
Zhuo, Jing Neuwirth Rostam J. 2011. Master
Integration of knowledge management and enterprise resource planning for advanced production management check Full Text
Luo, Jia Le Wong, Seng Fat 2011. Master
Intellectual property rights and protection of traditional knowledge : emerging challenges and the role of international legal order
Sant'Anna, Michele de Aguiar Ramaswamy Muruga Perumal 2011. Master
Intelligent system based facility monitoring and fault diagnosis of power generators check Full Text
Zhong, Jian Hua Yang, Zhi Xin 2011. Master

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