UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Noise level estimation from single image based on natural image statistics check Full Text
Dong, Li Zhou, Jian Tao 2018. Doctoral
Multi-level feature extraction and adaptive matching for copy-move forgery detection check Full Text
Bi, Xiu Li Pun, Chi Man 2017. Doctoral
Rapid and continuous synthesis of functional nanoparticles on a microfluidic platform check Full Text
Ma, Jun Ping Li, Cheuk Wing 2018. Doctoral
New regional multifocus image fusion techniques for extending depth of field check Full Text
Duan, Jun Wei Chen, Long 2018. Doctoral
SIFT-based image copy-move forgery detection and its adversarial attacks
Li, Yuan Man Zhou, Jian Tao 2018. Doctoral
Effective and efficient algorithms for SimRank computations check Full Text
Lu, Juan Gong, Zhi Guo 2018. Doctoral
Reversible data hiding technologies for encrypted images check Full Text
Yi, Shuang Zhou, Yi Cong 2018. Doctoral
Investigation of the protecting roles of the deacetylase SIRT3 against nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, and its natural activator,honokiol, against oxidative injury in hepatocytes check Full Text
Liu, Jing Xin Lin, Li Gen 2018. Doctoral
Identification of xanthones to ameliorate metabolic disorders through targeting adipose tissue inflammation check Full Text
Li, Dan Lin, Li Gen 2018. Doctoral
Semantic interoperability for electronic business through a novel cross-context semantic document exchange approach check Full Text
Yang, Shuo Guo, Jing Zhi 2017. Doctoral

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