UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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A new framework for intelligent simultaneous-fault diagnosis of rotating machinery using pairwise-coupled sparse Bayesian extreme learning committee machine check Full Text
Zhong, Jian Hua Wong, Pak Kin 2016. Doctoral
Spectral-spatial techniques for hyperspectral image classification check Full Text
Yuan, Hao Liang Tang Yuan Yan 2016. Doctoral
The rise of small-circle social media and advertising : a case of WeChat check Full Text
Yao, Qi 吳玫 2016. Doctoral
Low-power CMOS processors design for ECG QRS wave detection and data compression check Full Text
Ieong, Chio In Vai, Mang I 2016. Doctoral
Non-rigid visual object tracking with statistical learning of appearance model check Full Text
Lin, Cong Pun, Chi Man 2016. Doctoral
Fast algorithms for block triangular Toeplitz matrices with applications to time fractional partial differential equations check Full Text
Lu, Xin Sun, Hai Wei 2016. Doctoral
網絡語料所見之語法創新及其限度 check Full Text
覃業位 徐杰 2016. Doctoral
Labor reallocation, migration and productivity growth in China check Full Text
Zhuo, Shuai He Mirrlees James A. 2016. Doctoral
論正當程序原則在大陸行政訴訟中的適用 : 以最高人民法院發佈的相關案例為中心 check Full Text
唐文 蔣朝陽 2016. Doctoral
Study on quality control of Lentinus edodes and Panax notoginseng based on bioactive components
Chen, Yi Wen 李紹平 2016. Doctoral

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