UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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政府失靈的問題研究 : 以M市食品生產中的尋租現象為例 check Full Text
黃卓成 劉伯龍 2014. Master
Validity of arbitration agreement under the context of New York convention : a critical examination of China's practice check Full Text
Yin, Qing Si 涂廣建 2014. Master
論我國企業破產重整的立法完善 = Research on the legislative perfection of bankruptcy and reorganization for enterprise in China
劉淼 范劍虹 2014. Master
O dragao Chines uma analise da traducao do dragao Chines em prosas e poesias Portuguesas a luz dos estudos culturais da traducao
Lin, Yi Leal, Ana Luisa Varani 2014. Master
Interpreting Cantonese slang : a case study of the chief executive's Q&A sessions at the Hong Kong Legislative Council check Full Text
Che, Wun Cheng Lei, Lai Cheng 2014. Master
澳門高學歷已婚女教師進修經驗之質性研究 check Full Text
黃夢殿 金樹人 2014. Master
隱丹參酮通過誘導活性氧產生引發腫瘤細胞自噬性死亡 check Full Text
郝文慧 陳修平 2014. Master
粤澳合作中醫藥科技產業園發展策略研究 : 基於中藥電子商務和中藥電子期貨 check Full Text
張天方 李紹平 2014. Master
PCR and real-time PCR for identification and quantification of toxic cyanobacterialspecies and cyanotoxin-producing genotypes in Macau main storage reservoir check Full Text
Zhang, Wei Ying Lou, In Chio 2014. Master
An ultra-low power acquisition frontend for neural recording check Full Text
Wu, Jiang Chao, Law, Man Kay 2014. Master

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