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我國內地循環經濟法律制度建設問題探討 = Research of the building in mainland China's circular economy legal system

English Abstract

Circular Economy is a new economic system relative to the traditional economy. Circular Economy focus on the protecting in the eco environment and reproduction of the resources besides the economic development. The develop style of the circular economy possesses scientific and crucial characteristics that way surpass the old economic style for the modern society. It is not only the efficient method to achieve self-improvement and prosperity of a single state or district, but also the inevitable trend of the development of the planet’s future civilization, which of course, including China. The origin of the circular economy theory comes from western countries, so as the build of the circular economy mode. Highly developed social economy brings highly depend on and affect the resources and environment, this made western countries the need for altering economy developing mode and encourage circular economy in a relative earlier time. But the root of the traditional economy was so deep that can’t be easily touched, at which moment, there need be a sort of measure equipped with the characteristics of authority, guiding and compulsory to help the circular economy rush out of the shackles of interests and history, and rooting as well as thriving in the soil of new idea and era. Thus, Circular Economy Legal System is officially on stage. Begins from the continental Europe, represented by German, and then spread from American to Japan, circular economy legal system expressed incredible importance and efficiency toward the building and development of the circular economy, that it swept all the developed country in a very short period. It becomes the normal state of these countries’ legal area to research, establish and improve the circular economy development. Our country developed relatively slow due to its own reasons, although experienced strenuous pursue after the build of the People’s Republic of China, our country is still ranked as a developing country and holds a gap to the developed country, which makes the thoughts of circular economy relatively late to permeate into our country. From the beginning of the 1990s, there appears 4 slight improvement in the research of our circular economy, while the circular economy legal system was mentioned in recent years, the specific building process still has a long way to go. In fact, due to the giant population base and extremely limited natural resources, the demand of develop circular economy and circular economy legal system of our country is high enough relative to any of the rest countries in the world. Start late and with a low level are the disadvantages, but at the same time, we possess the unique advantages in the politic and economic areas, we can also shorten the process by leaning form the well developed systems of the developed countries. With the propose and establishment of the sustainable development strategy and harmonious society concept, there appears the highest attention paid to the building in circular economy legal system though out the whole country, various of relative laws and statutes are published, our circular economy legal system eventually possesses its own system core by the publishing of . Thence, a new chapter of the development of circular economy was uncovered in different areas within China. However, circular economy legal system is still incomplete and not comprehensive within our country. There exist various problems and flaws in both legal documents and institutional measures, and need to be improved in a big extent. During that process, we need to not only avoid the mistakes made by the developed countries, but also to learn the former experiences from others. Combined with our own status, we will create the circular economy legal system that suitable for and reflect China’s social economic characteristics and open a bright way for the future stable and prosperous as well as the achievement of prosperity development of our country.

Chinese Abstract

循環經濟是相對於傳統經濟而言的一種新的經濟模式,其在發展經濟的同時 也注重對生態環境的保護以及資源能源的再生,這對於當今的人類社會來說無疑 具備著遠超傳統模式的科學性和重要性,其不僅是單個國家或地區自我完善和繁 榮的有效途徑,更是整個地球文明未來發展的必然趨勢,我國當然也不例外。 循環經濟理論的研究源起西方,循環經濟模式的構建也始於西方,高度發達 的社會經濟對資源與環境的依賴和影響尤其嚴重,這使得西方國家更早的意識到 了改變經濟增長模式,發展循環經濟的迫切需求。但是傳統經濟的根深蒂固并沒 有那麼容易動搖,故而當循環經濟的思想和實踐如雨後春筍般出現在人們眼前時 卻因為傳統經濟的擠壓而一時間難有突破,此時此刻,必須有一種極具權威性、 引導性以及強制性的措施來幫助循環經濟衝出利益和歷史的枷鎖,在新的理念和 時代中生根發芽、茁壯成長,由此,循環經濟法律制度正式登上舞臺。 最初是以德國為代表的歐洲大陸,而美國緊隨其後,不久又到日本,循環經 濟法律制度對循環經濟的構建和發展是如此的重要與有效,以至於短短時間內便 席捲了幾乎所有發達國家,研究、確立與完善循環經濟法律很快便成為了這些國 家所屬法律界的常態之一。我國由於自身條件的種種原因而在近代發展緩慢,雖 然經過了新中國建立后的奮起直追,但至今仍然位列發展中國家,與發達國家相 比還有一定的差距,這也使得循環經濟的思想融入我國較晚。從上世紀九十年代 開始,我國的循環經濟研究才稍有起步,而循環經濟法律制度更是到了近些年才 被正式提及,具體的構建情況任重而道遠。 事實上,由於巨大的人口基數以及極為有限的自然資源,我國對於發展循環 經濟以及循環經濟法律制度的需求相較於世界上任何國家都有過之而無不及。起 步晚、起點低確實是我國的劣勢,但是與此同時,我國卻也擁有著政治經濟等方 面的獨特優勢,對發達國家即成體系的借鑑更是能讓我們受益頗深,從而有效的 縮短成型時間。伴隨著可持續發展戰略與和諧社會理念的提出與確立,我國對於 建設循環經濟法律制度的重視自上而下的達到了前所未有的高度,相關法律法規 紛紛頒佈,層出不窮,及至《中華人民共和國循環經濟促進法》的出臺,我國的 循環經濟法律制度也終於擁有了屬於自己體系核心,循環經濟的發展在我國的各 個領域揭開了新的篇章。 然而即便如此,我國的循環經濟法律制度依然是不完整、不全面的。從法律 條文到制度措施都還有著諸多的問題和漏洞,改進的需要和空間仍然很大,在這 一過程中,我們不僅要避免重犯發達國家的錯誤,也要不斷的學習他人經驗,結 合自身現狀,創造出適應與體現了我國社會經濟特色的循環經濟法律制度,為我 國今後的穩定強盛以及發展目標的實現鋪平道路。

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Faculty of Law




Environmental economics -- China

環境經濟學 -- 中國

Economic development -- Environmental aspects -- China

經濟發展 -- 環境方面 -- 中國

Sustainable development -- Law and legislation -- China

可持續發展 -- 法規 -- 中國



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