UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Monte Carlo methods in calculating value at risk check Full Text
Li, Xin Ding, Deng 2010. Master
Studying the relationship between color preference and willingness-to-pay price of Chinese consumers
Wu, Ka U Chang, Wen Yu 2010. Master
初中生生活壓力、因應策略與自我傷害的相關研究 = A study of the relationship between life stressors, coping strategies, and self-injury in junior high school students
金慧君 曾琦 2010. Master
A study of non-equivalent culture-loaded words in two English translations of Fu Sheng Liu Ji
Xiao, Di Wang, Xian 2010. Master
尹丹 楊兆貴 2010. Master
High-quality depth maps recovery from a video sequence check Full Text
Cai, Zhong Mou Wu, Enhua 2010. Master
肖芳 田野 2010. Master
The preliminary ruling : jurisdictional mechanism of cooperation between the Court of Justice of the European Union and national courts
Lu, Yun Castro, Paulo Canelas de 2010. Master
Bioremediation of water contaminated with BTEX, TPH, and TCE under different environmental conditions check Full Text
Lei, Cheng Keng Shim, Hojae 2010. Master
From concubine to Ernai : a comparative study on Chinese family law
Ren, Min Mancuso Salvatore 2010. Master

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