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門裡門外性別之思 : 澳門初中語文教科書中的女性形象分析

English Abstract

In the process of pursuing democracy, an open society will generally cast considerable attention upon the discussion topic of societal justice and equality. Meanwhile, in the context of flourishing trend of feminist thought, the popularization of education and the fast development of multi-culture, the topic in demanding the content of textbook to reflect the gender equality is naturally beginning to gain currency. Back to the paternal line society, the existence of gender prejudice has its historical origin, which reflected in the textbook, especially in the Chinese textbook, is the common phenomenon of the absence of female image and the lack of women's voice. How to solve the problem? With the awareness of the fact that the content of the textbook is created by editors and readers, it is believed eliminating the gender prejudice in textbooks is not a task for any side, but a task for both sides. Employing the qualitative research paradigm, this thesis puts the part needing qualitative analysis as the key point and, in terms of the discourse theory, analyzes the textbook of Keys-Chinese from the perspective of Feminism,especially the Postmodern Feminism. Targeting at problems concerning female images, the thesis explores the potential meaning of those problems thoroughly in societal terns, in order to obtain the general situation of today's gender equality education in Chinese teaching of Macau's junior high school and research into the problems that needs to be improved. Attempting to begin with the editing and the usage of textbook, it also puts forward effective solving approaches in accordance with Macau's realiy. Keywords: Chinese textbooks. female image, gender equality, discourse analysis, feminism

Chinese Abstract

摘要 一個開放社會在追求民主的過程中,對社會正義與平等議題,通常會投注相當大的關注。而在當今教育普及、多元文化迅速發展、女性主義思潮風起雲湧的時代背景下,要求教科書內容體現性別平等的主題便呼之欲出。自父系社會以來,性別偏見的存在就有其歷史淵源。體現在教材尤其是語文教科書中,則是女性形象的缺失和失語的局面成為現今使用教科書裡的普遍現況。認識到教科書話語是由編寫者和使用者共同創造的這一事實,就意味著消除教材中的性別偏見不是單方面的任務,而應該由二者共同完成。 本文以質性研究為取向,重點從話語理論的層面,在女性主義特別是後現代女性主義的視角下對《啓思中國語文》教科書文本進行分析。針對女性形象方面的問題,深入挖掘其社會層面的潛在意涵,以此得出現階段澳門中學初中語文教育中性別平等教育狀況之概要,探討仍需要改進的問題。並試圖從教材編寫與使用方面入手,提出切合澳門地區實際,行之有效的解決手段。 【關鍵詞】語文教科書,女性形象,性別平等,話語分析,女性主義

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Women in literature


Chinese language -- Textbooks

漢語 -- 教科書研究

Feminism and education




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