UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Metacognitive experience and celebrity endorsement : fluency enhances brand evaluation but disfluency improves brand recall / check Full Text
Liu, Yongdan Liu, Ting Chi 2020. Doctoral
Sliding wear induced microstructural evolution in ultrafine-grained / nanostructured multiphase alloys and its correlation with wear performance / check Full Text
Zhu, Wei Wei Kwok, Chi Tat 2020. Doctoral
Exploring efficient non-platinum electro-catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction / check Full Text
Cao, Lu Jie Pan Hui 2019. Doctoral
Allosteric modulation and biased signaling of formyl peptide receptor 2 / check Full Text
Ge, Yun Jun Lu, Jin Jian 2020. Doctoral
Low-rank representation learning for denoising and multi-view clustering / check Full Text
Chen, Yong Yong Zhou, Yi Cong 2020. Doctoral
Hand-crafted and deep learning schemes for copy-move forgery detection / check Full Text
Zhong, Jun Liu Pun, Chi Man 2020. Doctoral
Translating English relative clauses into Chinese : a corpus-assisted study / check Full Text
He, Wen Zhao Li, Defeng 2020. Doctoral
Subversive cosmology in the Zhuangzi : a reevaluation of the early Chinese cosmos / check Full Text
Espinoza, Manuel Rivera Moeller Hans-Georg 2020. Doctoral
香港公共行政,現在與未來 check Full Text
Chow, Pak Ming 周伯明 1986 um_theses.
O hospital de S. Rafael e a assistencia social em Macau (ANEXOS) (missing) check Full Text
Coelho, Maria Jose Costa Ricardo 1995 um_theses.

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