UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Estudo sobre a correlação entre ansiedade e aprendizagem de língua Portuguesa por estudantes Chineses check Full Text
Liu, Hong Ni Grosso, Maria José 2018. Master
What's the buzz? : a discursive approach to news values of Buzzfeed News check Full Text
Wang, An Ni, Annie Montgomery, Martin 2018. Master
多元文化背景下澳門居民的語言選擇及語碼轉換研究 = Macau residents' language choice and code-switching : a multicultural perspective check Full Text
鍾佳利 徐大明 2018. Master
論中國大陸直接面向消費者的基因檢測之監管 = A study on regulatory controls for direct-to-consumer genetic testing in Mainland China check Full Text
蔡禕禕 杜立 2018. Master
論澳門旅遊糾紛的解決機制 = On dispute resolution of tourism disputes in Macau check Full Text
張君竹 稅兵 2018. Master
篦子三尖杉的化學成分研究 check Full Text
任黛 張慶文 2018. Master
A corpus-assisted study on modal verbs in consecutive interpreting check Full Text
He, Yuan, William Lei, Lai Cheng 2018. Master
投資者、管理人員及具特別資格技術人員臨時居留制度研究 = A study on investors, managerial persnnel, technical and professional qualification holders residency scheme check Full Text
鄺君慧 邱庭彪 2018. Master
論澳門行政合同制度 = A study of the system of administrative contract in Macau check Full Text
簡慧妍 邱庭彪 2018. Master
Application of cucurbit[7]uril as an artificial receptor for seizure-inducing agents and anti-bacterial compounds check Full Text
Kuok, Kit Ieng Wang, Rui Bing 2018. Master

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