UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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澳門政府資本預算與監管問題的案例研究 check Full Text
劉燁晉 林明基 2016. Master
從危機管理理論分析澳門及香港的遊行, 示威衝突事件 check Full Text
吳雅玲 陳建新 2016. Master
Ukraine's diplomacy : complex interdependence and balancing acts between Russia and the EU check Full Text
Liao, Ying Wang Jianwei 2016. Master
Adoption of international human rights norms : a study of three cases of death penalty check Full Text
Tam, Ieok Si Chen, Ding Ding 2016. Master
Towards the localization of musicals for the Chinese audience : a case study of the adaptive translation of songs from The Phantom of the Opera check Full Text
Cheang, Ka Kei Li, Jian 2016. Master
Is L1- and L2- speakers' understanding of polysemous words underlain by the same image schemas? : the case of Stand check Full Text
Chim, Hou Kit Pang, Kam Yiu 2016. Master
Translating culture-specific terms in The Analects of Confucius : a comparative study of two English versions check Full Text
Fu, Guo Ying Wang, Xian 2016. Master
論 "香港基本法" 法律解釋方法的綜合運用 : 以 "雙非" 問題為視角 = Comprehensive use of legal interpretation methods of "Hong Kong Basic Law" : from the perspective of the issue of "mainland mothers coming to give birth in Hong Kong" check Full Text
王錦儀 駱偉建 2016. Master
論澳門搶劫罪的既遂標準 = A study on the standard of accomplishment of robbery in Macao check Full Text
黃紫光 何志遠 2016. Master
Prevention of drug use and abuse among adolescents in Macao check Full Text
Ye, Jia Yin Li, De 2016. Master

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