UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Which law applies? : the choice-of-law problems in cross-border copyright cases check Full Text
Zhang, Cheng Run 涂廣建 2014. Master
中國內地住房反向抵押貸款制度研究 = Research on reverse mortgage in mineland [mainland] China
李驍 唐曉晴 2014. Master
How high the salary should be for a clean government : the Chinese case
Zhao, Yang Chen, Yu 2014. Master
How culture-specific items in Chinese are rendered into English : a case study based on consecutive interpreting at Wen Jiabao's annual press conferences during 2003-2012 check Full Text
Liu, Xiao Dong He, Yuanjian 2014. Master
澳門青年社團在青年人發展的角色研究 check Full Text
劉嘉翀 陳建新 2014. Master
Critical assessment of special education law in Macau check Full Text
Mo, Shijian, Mo Shijian 2014. Master
Female relationship in Clare Boothe's the Women and María Irene Fornés's Fefu and her friends check Full Text
Wang, Fang Hui Wong, Ka Ki 2014. Master
Reconstructing the appellative power in target text : a case study of translations of automobile advertisements check Full Text
Wu, Hao Li, Defeng 2014. Master
NATO and EU-U.S. relations in the Post-Cold War Era check Full Text
Liu, Wen Hui Wang Jianwei 2014. Master
The north gate prophecy : a translation project check Full Text
Qiao, Liang Yu Li, Defeng 2014. Master

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