UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Reforming Macau social security system : issues and options check Full Text
Hoi, Ian Hang Huang, Bi Hong 2013. Master
The relationship among work-family conflict, job satisfaction and work-family positive spillover of women in Macau check Full Text
Mok, Ka Lai Chen, Xiao Yun 2013. Master
Cyber bullying : recommendations for program implementation in Macau check Full Text
Un, Mio I Hilal, Susan Mary 2013. Master
蘆薈大黃素固體脂質納米粒的製備與體外抗腫瘤活性評價 / Preparation and anti-tumor evaluation of Aloe-emodin loaded solid lipid nanoparticles / Ruie Chen. check Full Text
陳銳娥 王一濤 2013. Master
Marked adjacency pairs and English code-switched items : seven case studies of turn-by-turn conversation in Guess in Taiwan
Chang, Huan Hua Moody, Andrew Jackson 2013. Master
以訓詁語用法破解杜詩疑義 = Using exegesis pragmatics to solve the doubtful points of Du Fu's poertry check Full Text
汪欣欣 鄧景濱 2013. Master
Chinese firms' ownership, political rank, financial crisis and financing constraints check Full Text
Xia, Ye Xing Dang, Vinh 2013. Master
Derived kernel based method and its applications check Full Text
Zhang, Zhen Chao Tang Yuan Yan 2013. Master
論現代性情感體驗的詩化顯現 : 以波德萊爾和戴望舒的情詩為例 = The poetic expression of affective experience of modernity : Baudelaire and Dai Wangshu's love poems as examples check Full Text
陶夢書 龔剛 2013. Master
Samplings with the Clifford algebra setting check Full Text
Zhao, Hai Lin Qian, Tao 2013. Master

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