UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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The challenge of developing a model gas utilities in China / check Full Text
Yang, Jun 2000. Master
Relationship marketing strategies at distribution channel in gas appliance market in Guangdong / check Full Text
Zhou, Gang Shaw, David. S. 2000. Master
中文聖歌集"心頌"、"頌恩"之語言風格初探 = The stylistic exploration of Chinese hymns in "Xin Song" and "Song En" / check Full Text
鄭寧人 程祥徽 2000. Master
梁披雲及其"雪廬詩稿"研究 = A study of Liang Pi-yun and his "Xue Lu Shi Gao" / check Full Text
鄭麗湘 施議對 2000. Master
香港普通話教學的理論思考 = Theoretical considerations about Putonghua teaching in Hong Kong / check Full Text
鄭重慶 鄧景濱 2000. Master
"紅樓夢"女性語言風格論 = A study of stylistics of female characters in Hong Lou Meng / check Full Text
董海敏 程祥徽 2000. Master
哲人思智的形象化載體 : 論先秦寓言 = The objective indicator of philosophers' wisdoms : pre-Qin fables / check Full Text
殷長松 李觀鼎 2000. Master
The impact of information technology to the business in Macau / check Full Text
Lei, Chi Man Antonio, Nelson Jose dos Santos 2000. Master
Wind-induced random vibration analysis of cable-stayed bridge with finite strip elements / check Full Text
Wong, Weng Heng Er, Guo Kang 2000. Master
Efficiency analysis on element decomposition method for stochastic finite element analysis / check Full Text
Xiao, Dong Wen Er, Guo Kang 2000. Master

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