UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Quality evaluation of cultured Cordyceps mycelia powder and commercial products based on high performance thin layer chromatography /
Chen, Zhi Xin 李紹平 2023. Master
探究幼兒園領導者如何衝破「去小學化」的變革困境 : 以佛山市順德區三所幼兒園為例 /
黃穎愉 黃素君 2023. Master
Statistical inferences for bivariate time-varying price staleness = 二元時變價格時滯的統計推斷 /
Zhu, Hai Bin Liu, Zhi 2023. Doctoral
Wind power forecasting : model optimization and feature learning /
Dong, Yun Xuan Ma, Shao Dan 2023. Doctoral
Design and development of a new climbing robot platform for windows cleaning = 設計及開發一種新型用於擦窗的攀爬機器人平臺 /
Li, Zhen Jing Xu, Qing Song 2023. Doctoral
Nonlinear disturbance observer based sliding mode control for robot manipulators and micropositioners towards safety monitoring = 面向安全監控的機械臂及微操作平台基於非線性干擾觀測器的滑模控制研究 /
Xi, Rui Dong Yang, Zhi Xin 2023. Doctoral
Studies of the tour guide peer-to-peer platform on Ctrip App /
Li, Xiao Tong Yuan, Jia 2023. Doctoral
How does the heuristic anxiety caused marketing placebo effect influence purchase intention in food industry? : an empirical study /
Huang, Li Liu, Ting Chi 2023. Doctoral
Exploring impulse buying in live stream shopping : a balanced framework /
Gao, Ming Liu, Ting Chi 2023. Doctoral
The role of system outcomes and personal outcomes in Fallacy Biases : evidence from Macau /
Wong, Sau Chun Idy Yang Xi 2023. Master

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