UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Real-time hand gesture recognition using motion tracking
Zhu, Hong Min Pun, Chi Man 2010. Master
Stress intensity factors of circumferential semi-elliptical internal surface cracks of tubular member subjected to axial tensile loading
Yang, Yang Lam, Chi Chiu 2010. Master
Biopotential readout front-end circuits using frequency-translation filtering techniques
Ma, Chon Teng Mak, Pui-in 2010. Master
論第三人侵害債權 = Discussion about damage of credit committed by third party
鍾小瑜 唐曉晴 2010. Master
Bone anabolic effect of flavonoids from Herba Epimedii in zebrafish and medaka
Li, Zhen Hua Lee, Ming-Yuen 2010. Master
技術創新與醫藥行業經濟增長方式研究 check Full Text
白繼山 卞鷹 2010. Master
何佩雯 王一濤 2010. Master
A strategy for th development of China's cultural industries
Chen, Zhi Jie Neuwirth Rostam J. 2010. Master
台灣大學生社會背景, 個人才情和專業選擇的關係
吳黃旭 張建成 2010. Master
Impact of preschool language abilities and literacy activities inside school on later reading achievement : evidence from PIRLS with Hong Kong sample
Li, Xiao Min Lin, Sieh Hwa 2010. Master

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