UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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以 "委托人--代理人--顧客" 反貪模式分析中國的廉政建設
蘇熾明 劉伯龍 2000. Master
劉嘉菲 曹日新 2000. Master
"紅樓夢"女性語言風格論 = A study of stylistics of female characters in Hong Lou Meng
董海敏 程祥徽 2000. Master
尹偉儀 張國祥 2000. Master
官建新 陳毓祥 2000. Master
梁祐澄 陳毓祥 2000. Master
中國近代海關與19世紀80年代中葡修約談判 = A study on the Chinese customs and the 1880s Sino-Portuguese treaty negotiations
Kou, Wei 2000. Master
A study of the judicature and legal system in the middle of the Qing Dynasty based on the legal cases from the Chinese documents in the National Archives of the Torre de Tombo
Liu, Jing Lian 2000. Master
The "neutral" policies of the Portuguese government of Macao during the Opium Wars
Song, Lin Feng 霍啟昌 2000. Master
區嘉麗 蘇肖好 2000. Master

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